JAC 2015 Is Back!

Love music but want something more? Love acting but want something challenging?

Welcome to Junior Associates Conference 2015!

This year we will have facilitators all the way from Kuala Lumpur to bring you the finer points of Jazz and Shakespeare!

What better way to level up your performing arts ability with these two amazing and classic skills? You will be the envy of every young performer!

Jazz It UP presents upcoming Jazz and Classical musicians from University Putra Malaysia. This concert will showcase how the different styles in Jazz come together harmoniously; and that with the right groove, anyone can perform Jazz!

Featuring instruments such as piano, saxophone, bass, violin and vocals, Jazz It UP will create a groovy Jazz experience by highlighting styles such as swing, bossanova, ballad, funk, fusion and many more.

Come join and listen to rich, luscious, energetic, finger-snapping, hip-swaying Jazz; it will be an eargasmic escapade!

A tale of uncontrollable jealousy, deception, and murder.

Othello, a well-respected general secretly marries the beautiful Desdemona; but he is deceived by his ensign into believing his wife is unfaithful. From initial disbelief, Othello’s mind is slowly poisoned until it reaches the point of no return.

Shakespeare was originally written not to be studied by geeks or seen by snobs, but to be performed for everyone.

This production will, focus on the “juicy bits” of this famous play. Narration, in contemporary English, punctuates the performance to provide context, character analyses and clarification of unfamiliar “Shakespearean expressions”.

The theater-goer who has never read or even heard of Shakespeare will, by the end of the performance, understand why generations of people fell in love with his works.

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Age: 11-21 years Max: 120 participants (first come, first served!)

Date: 16th Sept 2015 Jazz it up : 1.00pm Workshop : 2.30pm - 7.00pm Othello : 8.00pm

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