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Sharpened Word - June 2016

Sharpened Word meets once a month, and all writers, readers and interested individuals are welcome to attend. Innovators and conventionalists alike will be featured so as to include as diverse a range of talents and styles as possible.

Sharpened Word is slowly but surely getting recognized in the Malaysian literary arts community. For the month of June, we present an exciting and diverse panel of writers.

• Melizarani T. Selva is a spoken word poet, storyteller and journalist from KL. Her rhymes are drawn from her wild curiosity in taboos. She currently organises Kuala Lumpur’s only monthly poetry open mic, “If Walls Could Talk”.

• Fa Abdul is a passionate storyteller, columnist, playwright and media trainer. She is well-known for her charm, sarcasm and occasional foul mouth. A complex individual, Fa Abdul gets bored easily, which explains why she is a certified loner.

• Marco Ferrarese is a European metal punk guitarist, world commuter and freelance travel writer. He has written articles on travel, culture and extreme music in Asia for many international publications. He currently calls Asia home, and he's resolute in bringing danger back into literature.

• Nur Hanim Khairuddin is an artist and independent curator based in Ipoh. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, both locally and abroad. Nur Hanim is the editor-in-chief of sentAp!, a quarterly bilingual publication founded in 2005. Over the years, she has produced a number of music albums, namely the Space Gambus Experiment and Meor Folk.

Sharpened Word Literary Happenings

Date : Saturday, 18 June 2016, 2:00–5:00 pm Venue: Old Andersonians’ Club, 932 Jalan Hospital, Ipoh


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