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2017 KVSS Annual Concert – Earth Beat


• Fund raising to support KVSS programmes for 2017-2018 • To promote an appreciation of symphonic band music in Ipoh society • To support Visit Perak Year 2017 • To contribute towards making Ipoh a city known for its Performing Arts


In “Earth Beat” KVWO takes you on a musical journey where the rumbles of our earth tune in with the pulse of her inhabitants.

Vesuvius: Begins as a wild and passionate dance such as might have been performed at an ancient Roman Bacchanalia. As it grew more explosive and fiery, the piece evolved to become more like a dance from the final days of the doomed city of Pompeii, destroyed by Mt Vesuvius in A.D.79.

To be Vivid Stars: The main idea of this piece was to set the players as Stars with a wish to brighten up the world, with individual players like a star in the sky - young individuals growing up through many experiences under the guidance of their instructors, to finally become a bright constellation in the sky.

Dusk (Steven Bryant): This simple, chorale-like work captures the reflective calm of dusk, paradoxically illuminated by the fiery hues of sunset, as if witnessing an event of epic proportions silently occurring in slow motion. Dusk is intended as a short, passionate evocation of this moment of dramatic stillness.

Land of the Midnight Sun: A cinematic, musical journey depicting the awe-inspiring expanse of the far north and the raw beauty of this magnificent panorama. The piece opens with the breaking of ice and the warming of the land. The music ebbs and flows and builds to a celebration of light.

And many more…

Date: 1st October 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 3.00pm

Venue: Dewan Leong Wan Chin, SMJK Perempuan Perak (PGS)

Entry by Donation:

  • Reserved Seats : Flat rate @ RM50

  • Free Seating : Standard price @ RM30

  • Student price @ RM20

  • Bundle tickets 10 free 2 (only applicable to students)

Pre-book your entry passes now HERE.

Call KVSS Hotline at +6010 307 0360 or visit our Facebook for further details.


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