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My Memory 当年情 - Press Release


A one-night-only performance, the Kuala Lumpur Pop Orchestra will perform the charity concert on 28 November 2017 (Tuesday) @ 8.00pm – 9:45pm at Grand Ballroom, Syeun Hotel, Ipoh with concert theme “当年情: 旧曲重温, 爱心歌唱晚会 My Memory: A Charity Evening of Golden Hits”! The concert will be in aid of The Dementia Society Perak. The Concert programme for the evening will comprise of crowd-favorites and memorable songs from the 70s – 90s which will be performed by celebrated local and international artistes. This will be one of the biggest concerts of the year in Ipoh and will be performed in a symphonic setting, a concert that cannot be missed!

Date: 28 November 2017 (Tuesday) @ 8.00pm - 10.00pm Venue: Grand Ballroom, Syeun Hotel, Ipoh.

Enter by Donation: RM150 - numbered seating (SOLD OUT) RM100 - free seating RM50 - free seating

For donation entry pass, please contact 019-544-6225 or 014-974-6885.

Artistes Sean Ghazi (international singer and actor), Estee Pook卜小婷 (award-winning singer), Kitty Cheung张文蕊(award-winning violinist from Hong Kong), Eddie Yu杨庭 (celebrated singer), Chiong Pei Pei蒋佩佩 (Malaysia celebrated TV host), and guest singers: Alan Low刘亚麟, Janet Lim 林秀琼, Diana Chow 叶瑞馨, Irene Chua 陈银娣, Jane Chong 张晓菁, Consio Chey 谢香梅, Mimi Koo 古美华.

Concert Programme of the evening 当年情, 亲情 (from The Brothers), 忘尽心中情 (from Forgotten The Love In Heart), 浪子心声 (from The Heart Of A Loafer), 千王之王 (from The Shell Game), 京华春梦 (from Yesterday’s Glitter),万水千山总是情 (from Love and Passion), 不了情 (Bu Liao Qing), Perhaps Love, The Last Waltz, Copacabana, Close to You, Top of the World, Menghitung Hari, Hujan Di Tengahari, All Of Me, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Unforgettable, Sway, and many other memorable songs and music. So come and take a musical nostalgic trip down memory lane with us and take home beautiful memories which we are sure will be forever etched in your heart and minds.

About The Kuala Lumpur Pop Orchestra Since 2011, the Kuala Lumpur Pop Orchestra, a small but excellent orchestra , has performed for most Royalties and prominent business clients in Malaysia. Celebrated artists with whom the Kuala Lumpur Pops Orchestra have performed include Ning Baizura (Malaysia), Shila Amzah (Malaysia), Annuar Zain (Malaysia), Carla Lafarloza (The Philippines), and Vina Panduwinata (Indonesia). Its performing artists, are all top professional musicians drawn from around the region, making the orchestra one of a kind in Asia.

The Kuala Lumpur Pop Orchestra is the only orchestra in Malaysia which offers a truly unique approach in composing and arranging original music in a variety of musical styles to suit the needs of today’s discerning audiences. Its versatility, innovative musical programming, and superb musicianship are what makes the orchestra distinctive from others. The acoustic properties of the orchestra ,superb quality performances, world-class musicianship and maximum dramatic and artistic impact are our trademarks. The Kuala Lumpur Pop Orchestra is currently conducted by renowned conductor Eugene Pook.

For more info about the KL Pop Orchestra please visit

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