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2018 KVSS Annual Concert – Rendezvous


• To raise funds to support KVSS programs for 2018-2019 • To promote an appreciation for symphonic band music in Ipoh • To contribute towards making Ipoh a city known for its Performing Arts

About Rendezvous

This year, KVSS proudly presents to you “Rendezvous”; derived from a French word, it simply means a planned meeting between two or more parties at a specific time and place.

A great musician once said, “Even though we can't communicate using the same language, we use music instead”; which goes to show how music can do the most amazing things. It is the universal language of peace and love. Music forges new friendships. It unites people from different races, religions and nations. In short, music brings people together, thus our theme for our annual concert this year. Music brings the members of KVSS as well as each one of you together at this specific space and time, for only one goal- to celebrate music.

KVSS began its journey in 2010. Since then, the society has continuously been making new connections with different people from all walks of life. Through the love of making music together, strangers become acquaintances, and acquaintances eventually become good friends; from the committee to our members, guest musicians, various conductors and last but not least, to you, our supporters. It is also through music that connects us to our guest conductor Mr Eric Lee (Artistic Director of Philharmonic Winds of Malaysia), who will be helming KVWO for the second time. Performing together with KVWO as well will be a few professional musicians, and together with you, will indeed make this a great rendezvous not to be missed!

Works from this concert range from different eras and different genres; amongst which is Cymbalic Gesture. It will be making its debut in Malaysia, in this very concert as a cymbal solo performed together with a wind band. We also have West Side Story Selection to celebrate the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein. Others listed in our repertoire include Gabriel’s Oboe, Girl with the Flaxen Hair and many more.

Date: 23rd September 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 3.00pm

Venue: Dewan Leong Wan Chin, SMJK Perempuan Perak (PGS)

Entry by Donation:

  • Reserved Seats : Flat rate @ RM50

  • Free Seating : Standard price @ RM30

  • Student price @ RM20

  • Bundle tickets 10 free 2 (only applicable to students)

For Ticket Booking/ More Information, kindly contact:

Ms.Yam +6017 508 1351 Ms.Lau +6017 570 7776

Or visit our Facebook for further details.


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