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4th Sharpened Word Literary Matinee

Last week, we had an impressive and diverse array of writers at Sharpened Word.

Chuah Guat Eng read an excerpt from her novel Days of Change, in which a Malay ex-lawyer turned policeman (a character from her earlier novel, Echoes of Silence) struggles with a moral dilemma regarding his work and his faith, and silently contemplates some of the unconscious prejudices of his colleagues.

Arthur T.Y. Foo read from his romantic thriller, Snow Phoenix and Me, which tells the story of a killer-for-hire in early 20th century China and the mischievous, tough-minded young woman he falls in love with.

Professor Malachi Edwin Vethamani read three poems, including a heartfelt piece about family and time which begins with a son's childhood memory of his mother dressing in sari and ends with his understanding that his mother, now in her later years and wearing cotton kaftans, will wear sari again only in her final bed.

All three writers spoke about their journeys in writing and some of the challenges they have faced in publishing and self-publishing their works.

They also provided practical advice on the process to writers looking to publish their own writing. For more information on Sharpened Word kindly email us at :


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