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A BIG Thank You from Sharpened Word

Firstly, we want to start by saying "THANK YOU".

Thank you for the times you’ve told your friends and family about the Sharpened Word, for the advice and ideas you gave us, and for every Sharpened Word event you’ve attended. Your commitment to Sharpened Word is what’s got us here, and our commitment to you is to keep building to make sure the impact tomorrow far exceeds the impact we’ve made together today.

Year 2018 was a defining year for Sharpened Word. Beside of the regular monthly event, for the very first time Sharpened Word worked hand-to-hand with Perak state government, collaborating with SAMA-SAMA, a six-week long event by Tourism Board of Perak in conjunction with our National and Malaysia Day Celebration, to have a series of talks and movie nights. Sharpened Word was even featured in IPOH Magazine and MAS In-Flight Magazine Going Place.

Here are the humbling Sharpened Word report card for 2018:

Thank you again for walking this journey with us and supporting us. Stay connected with Sharpened Word and get ready for a huge 2019 where we will have many exciting events we cannot wait to launch.


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