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A Christmas Miracle play by PSPA @ Lost World Of Tambun

A Christmas Miracle play by PSPA @ Lost World Of Tambun PSPA Junior Associates was recently given an opportunity to showcase their talents and accumulate their on-stage experience by collaborating with Sunway Lost World of Tambun Water Theme Park in a stage play entitled “A Christmas Miracle”.

Mario o Mario, she is young enough to be your daughter......

Winter is coming, I am flying out of here.

To add intensity and raw talent display, the group decided to do two different plays equally over the span of six weeks. The first play was about an orphan boy who defied orphanage orders, ran away in search for his long lost father, who is a lonely toymaker that makes the most exquisite toys and dolls. The second play was a heart-warming fairy tale about a young boy who wrote to Santa and asked for a White Christmas for his ailing grandfather and with the help of Queen Elsa, Santa appeared and fulfilled his dream. Though the evening weekend shows starts at 4.30, the ever-enthusiastic performers already started preparing themselves from as early as two.

Aiya, with this report card, how to ask for iPad from dad ah......

Grandpa o grandpa, you need to cut down sugar intake if still want to see the next white Christmas.

To make the event merrier, the young-and-energetic hip-hop dancers from Dártiz Studio joined the stage too and the group played the role of robots in the first story and then switched to play the evil snowmen in the second story. They also led the Santa Parade at the end of each show and their never ending energy helped to cheer up the park patrons.

Seriously, we are sick of Gangnam style too

I may be green but my nose is not.

I am not happy, I am not happy, something is missing....

The visitors in Lost World were pleasantly surprised when presented with this unexpected-and-yet-thrilling performance from PSPA and in return, laughters and claps were unreservedly given towards the end of every show. Needless to say, popular characters like Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and the ever-affable Olaf stole the hearts of many while the evergreen Santa and Rudolf brought equal cheers to the crowd too.

Now we are talking!

When Elsa opened her mouth, we know what’s coming.When Elsa opened her mouth, we know what’s coming.

This was further evidenced by the long queue during the after-show photo sessions.

Young Rambo in tights.

The show lasted six weekends from mid Nov till after Christmas. So, though it was a laborious time for the young participants, they enjoyed themselves tremendously especially when they received such overwhelmed cheers and applauds from the crowd. The outing has helped boost their confidence to undertake future endeavours and indeed they were. The team is now busy preparing for a totally new performance to be showcased during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday at the same venue.

The lucky visitor got a free three-week program with Marie France.

So, come over, catch up and join the gang in the coming joyous celebration and enjoy another enthralling performance from the youngsters.

See you there.


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