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An Encounter with the PSPA International Musicians 2013

It was a wonderful Meet the Musician session made possible by Puan Chen the principal and Puan Hew the music department head of Ave Maria convent. We were welcomed to a packed hall of at least 130 musicians from the different groups in the school eg the school band, the Chinese orchestra and the symphony orchestra.

The musicians talk about their lives in music and their love for music. The constant message was to go forward with your dream no matter how difficult. It was the ability to rise above difficulties and and to adapt that enabled each musician from different life scenarios that made them what they are today. They encouraged as well as gave the attentive audience insight to their different journey. The audience was lively and most appreciative in their reception. to end the session the musician had a short jamming session as they did not have any scores with them plus a solo from Jennifer the flautist and the Maple tree rag by Jeremy. This was received resounding applause.

PSPA's mission is to educate and inspire through the performing art!

Short jamming session - Jennifer the flutist (Student) and Jeremy


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