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CausewayEXchange Ipoh 2017


Exploring new landscapes

CausewayEXchange 2017 24 – 27 August: Ipoh

Singapore, 12 July 2017 – Ipoh will get to experience an explosion of Singapore arts and culture this August when Singapore’s premier cross-border platform, CausewayEXchange (CEX) 2017 takes more than 30 Singapore artists to perform in selected venues in the city’s Old Town area.

Ipoh-ites will get to see a drama unfold in three shophouses in Old Town, hear Singapore’s prize writer in dialogue with Ipoh writers in the well known social enterprise 22 Hale Street and see Singapore doodlers work with their Ipoh counterparts, PORT (People of Remarkable Talents) on the walls of Old Town shop houses.

First held in 2010 and until today, the only annual platform for artistic and cultural activities between Singapore and Malaysia, CEX has to date attracted 35,000 audiences and hosted close to 350 artists in both Singapore and Malaysia. CEX is co-organised by Singapore arts production company DMR Productions and non-profit arts and culture organization Global Cultural Alliance Ltd (GCA).

Says DMR Productions’ Shawn Lourdusamy who is founder and co-organiser of this unique dual focus of CEX this year: “Cross-cultural and cross border work is about getting to know the little known or unfamiliar about your neighbor through the platform of arts and culture. CEX has chosen Ipoh this year instead of the more well-known and culturally established cities of Kuala Lumpur and George Town for once famous tin mining town of Ipoh is now experiencing a reawakening. Its rich heritage holds many leaning and experiential touchpoints of Singaporeans as well as opportunities. CEX in Ipoh is symbolic of SIngapore’s daring to venture into ‘new’ markets and places and Singapore’s vision of establishing new alliances and relationships in the region and beyond.

Highlights of CEX 2017 include:

• Same Same But Different

26 Aug 2017 / 2pm – 4pm / 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery/ Free admission Panel Discussion open to all.

Singapore poets: Yong Shu Hoong, & Sim Piak How Malaysian poets: Wani Ardy, Paul GnanaSelvam & Bridget Eu Yoke Lin

Join friendly banter with Singapore Literature Prize poets and local Malaysian poets, on the similarities and differences between the Singaporean and Malaysian literary and linguistic landscapes. Is Manglish really that different from Singlish? Do both literature contain the same themes and motifs?

• Project Suitcase

25 & 26 Aug 2017 / 7.30pm – 8.30pm / Ipoh Old Town / RM10

In 2003, Ekamatra started a project with a poor theatre format, Involving one actor and one suitcase in a performance space. The idea was to show how a play could be effective with minimal setup, allowing actors to captivate the audience simply through storytelling; marrying words with motion.

Projek Suitcase 2017 presents 4 pieces of work, each about 30 minutes long, to be performed in various locations. Each night, audience members get to decide which 2 shows they want to watch and as they traverse between one venue and another, they will also get to negotiate and reflect between social and performance space, controlled versus uncontrolled environments, adding on to the whole experience. Equipped with their suitcases, the storytellers will spin their tales on the grounds of different venues which have their own unique characters, and dare us to follow them on their journeys.

Says Phan Ming Yen, Director of Global Cultural Alliance, co-organiser of CEX 2017: “This year indeed represents another step forward in the CEX platform Our move to Ipoh represents the programme’s intent to enrich and broaden our understanding of neighbouring historical cities as well as developing new audiences of Singapore’s arts and culture practitioners. Here, we have been heartened shop owners in Ipoh have welcomed Singapore arts groups to perform and hold readings within their premises. In conjunction with CEX is also a sister programme called Urban Culture Asia in which we lead Singaporeans from various sectors to explore new collaborations with their counterparts in cities around Southeast Asia. To date, Ipoh has attracted much interest and created excitement among Singaporean entrepreneurs. “

For media enquiries, please contact

Janice Zhang Senior Manager Global Cultural Alliance Email: Mobile: +65 9436 7321

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