Ipoh Cultural Parade 2017

A day to mark in history! Ipoh was awakened by an enormous Cultural Parade featuring the splendours of Malaysian culture, music, dance, and products. The event was organised by the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) in cooperation with Tourism Perak and the State Government. This extravagant event was held in celebration of PCCCI’s 110th Anniversary, in line with ‘Visit Perak Year 2017’.

54 organisations from all over Perak participated in this 2.8 kilometer parade which began its journey from Ipoh Town Hall heading towards Old Town. The parade was officially launched when Perak’s own Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir released a helium balloon into the sky.

The Helium Balloon going up and away

The event kicked off with a gigantic birthday cake float followed by PCCCI members, celebrating the organisation's 110th Anniversary.

The Cake

PCCCI members

Tourism Perak

Following this, was the awesome spectacle of some of now rarely seen transport of yesteryears. An old-fashioned cigarette tricycle, trishaw, bicycles and a rickshaw which Mr Ian Anderson and employees from the Ipoh World organisation and Symphony Suites Hotel rode, showcased the most popular mode of transportation across Asia during the early days. This sight brought back fond memories and nostalgia of the past when we last rode in them with our grandparents to go out and about town before motorized vehicles ruled the roads.

Exhibit by Ipoh World

A ‘Living Heritage’ mural painted by Mr. Chin Choon Yau sponsored by Symphony Suites Hotel & World Layout Art was another starting highlight. It featured the ‘good old days’ of the laid-back Ipoh lifestyle with classic ‘Kopi and Teh Tarik’; Malaysian favourites be it day or night and the famous fruit among Ipohites, none other than the sweet, juicy Pomelo. This short float was accompanied by dancers as lively Dulang Washers, a tea-maker and pomelo seller with the theme song from the 2011 Musical ‘Shiny Black Gold’ by PSPA.

Participants by Perak Society of Performing Arts with float

The parade’s numerous beautiful floats of different shapes and sizes, gloriously displayed fantastic music ranging from classical to modern, chic costumes from traditional to current day fashion, dances in their many forms and styles by professional hip-hop, Latin, theatrical, lion and dragon dancers and comedy, which absolutely fascinated the audience.

Parade by Persatuan Orang Asli Perak

Malay College Kuala Kangsar

Persatuan Kesenian Sebastiar Perak (Indian Music)

D’Artiz Studio

School Bands from STAR, Poi Lam (SUWA), Sam Tet, Ave Maria Convent and Yuk Choy, entered the parade with creative band formations wearing their distinguished regal uniforms.

Brass Band by STAR school

Brass Band by SMJK Ave Maria Convent

Chinese Orchestra by SMJK Yuk Choy

Brass Band by SMJK Sam Tet

Martial Arts demonstrations from the Silat, Chinese and Indian groups, made a thrilling impact on the parade captivating audiences with such an amazing and exciting experience that they forgot about the blazing heat of the sun!

Persatuan Wushu Naga & Singa

Persatuan Wushu Naga & Singa

Persatuan Taekwondo Perak

Persatuan Sukan Cina Chin Woo

Diverting from thrilling to fun, Sunway Lost World of Tambun provided some light-hearted entertainment with their charming and amusing cast of dressed animals, martial artists, warriors, pirates, tin miners, and a magical train, keeping the crowd absolutely delighted.

Sunway Lost World of Tambun

Keeping the momentum going, a team of jugglers, magicians, uni-cyclists, stilt walkers, acrobats, and funny mascots performing funny dances while giving away balloons made it real outdoor party in the Ipoh streets and it was wonderful to witness the joyous smiles and laughter it brought to the children. This comical presentation was brought to the parade by Au Young Events. There was thunderous applause from the audience in appreciation of magnificent performances from both organisations.

Au Young Events

Beautiful wedding demonstrations followed next with “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, showing off extravagant flower bouquets, wedding rings, exquisite gowns and traditional wedding outfits, different ceremonial music and dances….all under the theme of ‘Love’ and its most memorable celebration of unity. One would imagine that for those tying the knot or even just dreaming to, these ceremonial demonstrations would have been especially significant.

Harmony Festival Planning Services & 3rd Floor Gallery

In line with the traditional and colourful theme of the parade, the audience were treated to our iconic national and cultural symbol featured on the 1 Ringgit note; the Wau! When was the last time, we actually saw a traditional hand-made Wau? Till today, the splendorous Wau is still one of Malaysia’s national symbols. Familiar to all Malaysians, flying these traditional kites was a favourite pastime of young and old and their beauty and elegance has fascinated people around the world for generations. Presented by Badan Budaya Perak, this display featured 30 handmade, vibrant Waus such as Wau Bulan, Wau Kucing, Wau Jala Budi, Wau Seri Bulan and other smaller Waus. This splendid procession was led by the Society’s team leader and Perak’s only expert Wau-flyer, Puan Nor Asmah Bt Daud, followed by a group of adults and children dancing to the music ‘*Layang-Layang’. (*Kite in Bahasa Malaysia). It was truly a childhood memory brought back to life!

Badan Budaya Perak

Local products such as Buntong’s famous Indian ‘kacang putih’ brand DNS and Menglembu’s, ‘Pagoda’ groundnuts to name a few, also participated, generously giving out delicious free samples to the happy public. Other local foods products such as Gaharu Tea and Chek Hup were also part of the parade.

D.N.S Kacang Putih

The Perak Footwear Industry Association

Gaharu Tea Valley

Chek Hup Sdn Bhd

M Bike Sdn Bhd / Cycledios Bhd

Last but not least, an impressive parade of classic cars and high cc motorcycles such as the 1951 Morris, 1953 Sun Bean Talbot, 1964 Mercedes, 1971 Volkswagen, 1968 MG Roadsoor, Can-Am Spyder, BMW R1200GS and Kawasaki DTR 1400. Undoubtedly a delightful treat for all car and motorcycle enthusiasts!

30 foot long flag by ISUZU

Classic Cars 1951 Morris, 1953 Sun Bean Talbot

Classic Car 1958 Holden Special

Classic Car 1968 Mini Moke

Classic Car 1965 Volvo 122S

Classic Car 1968 MG Roadsoor

Classic Car 1968 Fiat and 1969 Peugeot 204

Classic Car 1971 Volkswagen

Classic Car 1978 Mini Club Man

Having watched the many beautiful floats, incredible performances and lovely items on this spectacular day, it was extremely difficult to pick a favourite to win the best award in their category. However, at last, the judges voted.

Panel of Judges

Best Float was awarded to Eastern Decorator Sdn Bhd Best Performance was awarded to the Wushu Lion Dance Best Costume was awarded to Au Young Events Most Creative was awarded to SMJK Ave Maria Convent Most Entertaining was awarded to Sunway Lost World of Tambun.

Congratulations to all winners and amazing participants for making the event absolutely spectacular and something that Ipohites will remember with pride for years to come! Our very special thanks goes to our esteemed panel of judges, some of the finest, most notable Perakians who kindly attended this event making it even more meaningful.

Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid (Datuk Lat) Datuk Dr Ramanathan A/L Ramiah, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hospital Ipoh

Mr Peter J. Bucher, Director of Sharpened Word, PSPA Miss Anita Phang, ‘Miss Perak Tourism’

Pn. Zuraida Md. Taib, Director of Tourism Perak Tuan Haji Mohd Odzman Abd. Kadir,

Director of Perak Tourisma Assoc.

Panel of Judges receiving their token of appreciation from the Menteri Besar

The complete Mural

PSPA President, Datin Rosalina Ooi-Thong with Judges and Friends

In conclusion. The whole parade was snazzy, festive, colourful, and brimming with excitement! Being the largest Cultural Parade Ipoh has ever witnessed, this was truly a worthy day to commemorate in our history books. That being said, the hard work and sheer mastery of organising and hosting this massive parade was further rewarded when it earned a listing in the distinguished publication ‘The Malaysian Book of Records under the title of ‘Largest Cultural Parade.’ Well done Ipoh!!

The Malaysian Book of Records recognition

Report by Sara E. Fernandez

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