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Kick Start with Music - Workshop #5 (in Cantonese)

Communication Conflicts & Solutions with Enneagram personalities

Music excites us because of the tension caused by the conflicts in musical phrases, and then we feel relieved when we hear and feel the resolutions. Often there are also conflicts in homes especially when parents need to remind their children to practice! Come and join us this Sunday, and hear from the Enneagram expert from Hong Kong, Gary Leung who can guide parents to understand and motivate their children. Hence, a harmonious parent-children relationship can be achieved.

Knowledge of the Enneagram personality types are also suitable for educators, coach, mentors, and businessman.

See you there!

Kickstart with Music Workshop 5 (in Cantonese)

Date : 12th September 2021, Sunday

Time : 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Venue : PSPA Facebook Live

Click the registration link HERE to register for this complimentary music workshop. Attractive gifts for the lucky registered participant: Free private consultation for 1 parent with our communication expert & 3 piano mats!


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