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PSPA Choir Rehearsal

A quick visit to PSPA choir rehearsal warming themselves up for two upcoming performances in October and November, under the ever-enthusiastic Marianne Poh. An exchange student from German, Ms. Undine Meith, was also introduced to the choir team and quickly blended in with the members for an enjoyable two hour session.

Good luck to the team and we are all waiting eagerly to hear the beautiful voices and composition from the team. Bravo!

A group photo of PSPA Singers, comprising from the young to the, well, mature. The youngest members are still in primary school. Ms. Teng, the pianist, is the only one sitting here, at the “insistence” of the members as she never get to stand during the session… Names of the singers: Front Row (From Left to Right)Chloe Chai, Hanna Lim Jiun-Ann, Sarah Sim Wei Ning, Judy Ang, Angeline Lim Mei Kim, Ng Su Ming, Marianne Poh Yuet Mun, Nurul Solelah Bt Yahya, Nur Fardinaz Bt Fadzil, Chong Sze Chee, Joycelyn Lim, Cassandra Chong Lai Fun, Carmen Pang Qiao Wei Back Row (From Left to Right)Derek Tan You Lik, Ezra Tham Yongsen, Matthew Poh Soon Xiang, Chai Jin Jann, Dominic Ng Chee Kin, Tony Lee Chai Thang, Rafee Idris, Jeff Azzuddin, Samantha Lee Jiun-Lynn, Cassandra Teoh Sue-Mae, Katherine Ooi Phaik Choo, Kyriea Idris

Marianne Poh, the choir leader, getting the team members ready

The choir members (L to R :Matthew Poh, Dominic Ng, Undine Meith Dina, Fardinaz Fadzil, Wong Ke Tian, Kyriea Ideris) paying full attention to Marianne's instruction

The lady sopranos (L to R: Nurul Solehah, Angeline Lim, Ng Su Ming, Jamie Chang)....

Without the tender fingers of our in-house pianist, Ms. Teng, the choir team will not be as it is today.

The grand finale and Marianne is a happy leader. Her face shows it all....


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