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PSPA International Ensemble 2013

It was a magical journey with the PSPA International Ensemble. The combination of the western and eastern instruments were truly a special treat. The melodies were intriguing and the mesmerising sounds took the audience to far away places and mystical encounters. The Tibetian tunes was one of my favourite as it stirred images for a beautiful abstract dance piece. Its musical difficulties were apparent and the virtuosity of the musicians evident. The Silk Road wrapped up the first half extremely well and brought the whole ensemble together while highlighting the intricacies of each instruments contribution to the ensemble.

Jennifer on the flute was beautifully highlighted in the quartet. The familiar tune of the Persian Market brought alive the scenes of the buzzling market place and entrance of the Princess as Doreen our organizing chairperson express her immediate imagery of of the scene from 'Alladdin'.

Kudos to the musicians for their abilities to stir so much emotions and imageries among their audience. Special thanks to our conductor for bringing together this group of talented musicians and the versatility of the group to adapt to the combination of instruments. Sincere appreciation goes to the Chinese instruments master who had travel with the Chinese musicians to ensure the instruments will gel in this special occasion. The skills and virtuosity of the ensemble gave an amazing performance. The encore for the night "Matsuri" by Kitaro brought it to a wonderful close!

A preview of the Performance of 'Mozart on Silk Road' at Sunway University.


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