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PSPA Singer in Fantasia – The Classical Music

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” Victor Hugo ~ French poet, novelist, and dramatist

What type of music is ‘classical’?

There are many definitions about ‘classical music’. To some, classical music is serious music, and to others, it is music that is confined to rigid rules. Some even describe classical music as music that is not jazz, not popular, not folk, not… and so on. However, none of these truly explain what classical music is. There are a lot of unconventional classical music, e.g. The Typewriter by Leroy Anderson, which is written for a typewriter; classical music that requires the musician to do whatever they want at certain measures during the piece of music, without adhering to rules, and even classical music that could be in the framework of jazz and folk.

In fact, classical music is probably more familiar than we might imagine. It is all around us, be it in restaurants, supermarkets, lifts, advertisements or as theme and incidental music on television. A great deal of film music either directly uses or draws from the 'classical' tradition. A good example of the former would be '2001: Space Odyssey', and of the latter, the many scores John Williams has composed in recent years for blockbusters such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies.

Has that piqued your curiosity about classical music? Well, the best way to understand and feel what classical music is about is to attend a concert and soak in the music. You will definitely be surprised at just how exciting classical music can be, and the emotions that are stirred up in you!

So, do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to bring yourself to a new world, brought to you LIVE in Ipoh by the upcoming PSPA Singers in Fantasia.

There is a world of wonderful sounds out there just waiting to be discovered!

2016 PSPA Singers in Fantasia Date : 2nd July 2016, Saturday Time : 8:00pm – 10.00pm Venue : SMJK Yuk Choy Auditorium, Ipoh

Ticket Prices :

  • PSPA Member @ RM10.00 flat rate

  • Standard Non Member @ RM50.00

  • Student : 30% discount

  • Senior Citizen aged 60 years and above : 20% discount

  • Buying online from PSPA store further - 10% discount

  • Bundle tickets 10 free 2

Click here to purchase from PSPA Store

PSPA Store

Tickets can now be obtained from PSPA online store and PSPA office. Hurry!! There are only limited seats.

Scan Our PSPA Online Store QR Code get a further 10% discount! Or Call PSPA Office at +605 242 7814, +6012 506 2313 for more details.


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