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PSPA Singers presents – I Have A Dream

PSPA Singers presents – I Have A Dream

The thrill of hearing and seeing a live orchestra at a Broadway musical is one of the few remaining authentic musical experiences today. Indeed, people flock to New York from every corner of the world to experience the best of the best on Broadway.

Stephen Sondheim, one of America's greatest living composer of Broadway musicals said, “Every audience is privileged to see a very specific performance that nobody will ever see again. It's the aliveness of the orchestra that makes the evening unique and allows for the interplay between the audience, the stage and the pit, which is necessary in every musical. There has to be a three-way interplay – each of them has to affect the other. If it's not all live, it doesn't have life.”

Needless to say, getting to experience this thrill in Broadway is an expensive affair beyond the reach most Ipohite! Well, perhaps not. Yes, your hunch is right! PSPA SINGERS!

The PSPA Singers are out to stage a memorable event to mark 2017, which is designated Visit Perak Year. In previous years, the Singers have journeyed through a remarkable voyage featuring choral pieces from the classical era all the way to the era of "Now". Bringing the performing arts in Perak to a climax for this year, the Singers will be joining hands with KVSS, Kinta Valley Symphony Society to produce the very first musical with a live wind orchestra in Perak. Presenting to Ipohites (residents and visitors alike) - "I HAVE A DREAM”!

“I HAVE A DREAM” will showcase songs from the popular 70’s group ABBA which will definitely resonate with both the young and old. For many it will be a nostalgic event, bringing back fond memories as the music of ABBA fill the auditorium. The theme behind “I HAVE A DREAM” will feature stories of individual struggles and passions in the pursuits of their dreams. Or perhaps, it may also be a reflection of a dream that is closer to home, i.e. making Ipoh the City of Performing Arts.

Come join us for an enchanting evening of LIVE music and singing, performed by local talents, Ipoh’s very first Musical with a Live Wind Orchestra: I HAVE A DREAM

2017 PSPA Singers I Have A Dream Date : 16th December 2017 (Saturday) Time : 7:30pm – 10:00pm Venue : Auditorium RTM, Jabatan Penyiaran Negeri Perak Entry by Donation : Category 1 Seats (124 numbered) @RM250 Category 2 Seats (91 numbered) @ RM150 Category 3 Seats (164 free seating) @ RM80

  • Early bird promotion - 15% discount (only 100 seats available)

  • Senior Citizen aged 60 years and above - 20% discount (early bird) / 10% discount

  • Student / OKU card entitlement - 30% discount (early bird) / 15% discount

  • 50% of proceeds from entry passes donation will go to National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)

Pre-book your entry passes now from PSPA Store

PSPA Store QR Code:

PSPA Store

Call PSPA Office at +606 545 0350, +6012 505 6192 or visit our website for further details.



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