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PSPA Singers The 7th Night of July – THANK YOU!!

We are back again!! This time it is to THANK ALL OF YOU from the bottom of our hearts. PSPA Singers is truly blessed to be able to perform to such a fantastic audience. You not only supported us by singing and cheering along, but we are also touched by your donating wholeheartedly to the needy.

Many thanks to all who helped behind the scene - the volunteers who graciously assisted in traffic control, ushers, photographers, videographer and most of all Mr. John Senni, Principal of SMK Methodist (A.C.S.) for providing the beautiful hall.

A vote of thanks also to Dr. SS Gill, President of Lighthouse Hope Society, who has worked tirelessly in the background as the liaisons person between PSPA and Lighthouse Hope Society.

Of course deserving special mention are our sponsors, without whom “The 7th Night of July” would not have materialised!

The PSPA Singers also wish to thank the musicians helped bring so more colour to the songs and music that had livened up the 7th night of July in this quaint and serene city that we called home.

Here is a picture showing all the donated items, followed by an itemised list:



Cracker Biscuits – 5 bags

Jacob’s Biscuits – 4 tins

Julie Mixed Biscuits – 2 bags


5kg Meehoon – 4 bags

500gm Brown Meehoon – 2 bags

Maggie Mee – 4 bags

Canned Food

Sardines – 17 can

Baked Beans – 4 can

Mushrooms – 3 can


Quaker Oats – 5 bags


10kg Rice – 5 bags

Cooking Oil

5kg Cooking Oil – 5 bottles

1kg Cooking Oil – 1 bottles


Milk – 4 bags

1kg Sugar – 5 bags

Chocolate Drink – 1 bag

Cash Donation

Cash donated is sufficient to meet the operating expenses of the Lighthouse Hope Society providing food, shelter, medical care for approximately 2 months.


The “7th Night of July” concert may have concluded, but we hope your support to the Lighthouse Hope Society will continue so that they can keep up their fantastic work in helping the needy and projects that benefits the remote orang asli villages.

You can download the Lighthouse Hope Society Support Pledge Form HERE for the donation, or scan the below Boost QR code to donate to Lighthouse Hope Society.

Thank you and we shall see you again next year!


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