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PSPA Singers presents – The Chimes of Love Vol : 2

Ring-a-ling-a-ling…Ring-a-ling-a-linggg…! RINGGGGG!!! Do you hear the beautiful chimes of Christmas?

The CHIMES OF LOVE is back!!!

Christmas…. The season filled with love, cheer and giving hearts – all these amidst the vast differences of mankind. What could be more inspiring than to see the beauty of a creation that is created by unifying diversity?

Imagine a white canvas filled with different colours painted with different strokes; Or the aroma of a turkey roasted with mixed spices; Or a beautiful piece of music made up of different rhythms and notes; Even better – having a group of singers from all ages and all walks of life combine a selection of popular songs to produce a heart-felt, meaningful Christmas story.

Because of the overwhelming support of the audience in the 2016 THE CHIMES OF LOVE, this Christmas, PSPA Singers will once again tinkle songs of love, peace, hope, joy – anything and everything about love! As the theme goes, audience can expect chimes of melodious, widely sung and lesser known songs across the ages as the Singers treat the audience to an evening of carols and a short musical loosely based on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, seasoned with a local flavour.

So, let us all carol along as we hear the chimes of love resound in this cosy, quaint city of Ipoh!

2018 PSPA Singers The Chimes of Love Vol : 2 Date : 15th December 2018 (Saturday) Time : 8:00pm – 10:00pm Venue : Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh

Entry Pass :

  • FREE!!

  • Entry pass holders are encouraged to donate in kind, as printed on the recommended donation list by the organiser, and bring to the church during the concert day

  • All donated goods will be distributed to the poor for charity purposes

PSPA Event Booking QR Code:

PSPA Event Booking

Pre-book your entry passes now from PSPA Events Booking or call PSPA Office at +605 545 0350.


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