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Sharpened Word - August 2018

August is the month to be patriotic as it is the month our country gain independence three scores ago.

As a nation, we need to have an identity that we can proudly associate ourselves with; something that we can showcase to our foreign guests with pride; thump our chest and defend it till our last drop of blood without remorse and regret.

So, what is our identity? Do we have one since declaring ourselves as Malaysians for the past six decades?

Hence, the topic for this month in SW will be "A Strong Tradition To Build A Stronger Nation". We are proud to present three very prominent figures in the traditional art and literary scene to our audience in Ipoh. They are Mr. Joseph Victor Gonzales, Mr. Rosnan Rahman and Datin Rosalina Ooi.

Joseph is a renowned multi-genre dancer and choreographer based out of Hong Kong but still a true Malaysian at heart. His own ASK Dance Company has over the years groomed and sponsored uprising talents to further their careers in the dance industry.

Rosnan Rahman is one of the most active Mak Yong performers and the sole male Pak Yong performer in the country, and Datin Rosalina, president of PSPA, is certainly a name that needs no introduction for the performing art circle in the community.

Come and listen to these great minds, how they envision a stronger nation can be nurtured with the spirit of a strong tradition.

Oh yeah, this event has also been included as part of the SAMA SAMA KE-61 festival organised by the Perak state government. For more details of the festival, please go to the following links:

So, hope to see you guys in August!

Date : Saturday, 18 August 2018, 2:00–5:00 pm Venue: IDR Knowledge Centre, B-1-9, Greentown Suria, Jalan Dato' Seri Ahmad Said, 30450 Ipoh​


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