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Sharpened Word Ipoh

At Sharpened Word's second session, our three featured writers did a fabulous job reading from their works and revealing the thought, passion, and hard work that lies behind the words.

Poet Bridget Eu Yoke Lin read from her poetry and spoke about how her experiences with human suffering as a nurse and her heartfelt empathy for the victims of global humanitarian crises led her to write about hope and humanity in midst of the most pain-filled of situations.

Sharmini Segari Gunasagaram brought a light note to the session with her playful short story, 'The Blue Shirt', about a young man complaining to a friend at a cafe about his new marriage, only to receive a note which makes him think that his wife is in mortal danger.

Sharmini also shared with our audience her journey as an aspiring writer from her teen attempts to write romances to her current experiments with 'chick-lit' and mystery.

Toby Teh Tze Chien shared his short play about a desperate playwright and theatre director forced to confront their own prejudices when they find the bold, confident leading lady they've been searching for, only to discover that she's blind.

Toby spoke about his love of witty dialogue, his struggle to get his plays produced on stage, and how he finds his characters by asking himself what they love most.

Join us for our next literary matinee on Dec 19 for more readings and more insights into the writer's world.

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