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Sharpened Word - July 2017

OPEN MIC Storytelling Session

A public event open to all

Saturday 15 July, 2 - 5 pm at Old Andersonians' Club,Ipoh


The event aims to bring people from all walks of life and backgrounds, to come together for a chance to tell and share their stories in front of a live audience, free from pressure and judgment. SW’s host and co-host are two prominent and local-borne public speakers, Jamal Raslan and Judy Marie Rosario. They will lend support, share their experience and demonstrate their skills to the audience.


  1. Participants require pre-event registration

  2. Medium of communication is either English and Manglish

  3. Topic is “Childhood Memories”

  4. Participants have 7 minutes to tell their story

It promises to be a fun day. Hope to see you there…

For further detail please visit our Facebook page


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