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Unbeatable 无懈可击 — K5 HANDS International Drumming Festival 2018

The 5th HANDS International Drumming Festival, Kaleidoscope 5 unites an ensemble of drummers, percussionists, musicians and artists all of whom are driven by an enduring passion for what they do. If not for this desire to explore and create above and beyond what is traditional, they would not evolve into the people there are today. Accordingly the title for K5, UNBEATABLE describes a spirit which many of us should want to carry to make our way through the uncharted paths we journey on in our lives. Each of the festival’s production has achieved its intention to serve as a platform to promote percussion, music and culture as it continues to bring the best of the world’s percussion to Asia.

This year’s international mix involves rhythms from Australia’s brilliant Ben Walsh popular for his fusion styles and one man shows, Korea’s traditionally modern U-HEE Company and Uzbekistan’s master of doyra and percussion, Abbos Kosimov. DHOL Alliance who can crack a beat like no other on the dhol will further empower the brand of Malaysian percussion on stage with HANDS and their performance. Watch the kaleidoscope of instruments, music and culture as K5 unlocks that unbeatable spirit for audiences this year.

Date & Time:

2nd August 2018 (Thursday) 8:30pm

3rd August 2018 (Friday) 8:30pm

4th August 2018 (Saturday) 8:30pm

5th August 2018 (Sunday) 3:00pm ; 8:30pm


PENTAS 1, klpac Sentul 吉隆坡表演艺术中心

Ticket Price:

RM108 / RM148 / RM188 / RM228

Please contact 012-502 6883 / 012-779 8009 or visit our website or FACEBOOK for further details.


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